Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blood & Glory v1.1.6 ARMv6 + SD files (request)


  1. Andrey

    u can help me port mini motor racing v1.6.6 for armv6?

    i have ported for armv6

    top ger stunt school
    total recall(jump games)
    total recal ep 2
    run fatty run
    russias army
    music samurai
    angry gran run
    angry baba

    i have problem to port new games

    mini motor racing v 1.6.6

    i have ported to armv6, but i open game and show black screen and retun to home...

    u can help me?

    1. I could try but you know I`m not a developer and I can`t guarantee you it`s gonna work because I don`t have programming knowledge, I`m maybe just like you only trying to contribute with something
      Sometimes on a particular version or device the things go wrong and it`s not much you can do for the moment
      If you can provide me the .apk I could give it a try

  2. Need armv6 data for putting cache in obviously folder because the game only downloads data from Google play same with heros call and can u convert the endapp for armv6

    1. never mind the data i am downloading right now and it works thanks man i have been waiting for over 4 months for this game to work and you made it work :)

  3. i ported de v 1.6.1 and open and work perfect

    the problem version is only on the v1.6.6
    and v1.6.4

  4. its stuck on a blank screen with a shield rotating this happened after it downloaded and said preparing please fix this

  5. please convert Anargor for armv6 it runs on unity 3d engine
    and blood and glory isnt working it is stuck and heros call force closes after the logo

    1. Sorry but Anargor is Unity 4.0 and not possible now

  6. hi blood and glory is still not working after downloading the data its stuck on a shield that is rotating and i am kind of confused what data am i supposed to put cause when u open the game it starts downloading data for the obb file so after thats done then it says preparing which is basicasilly downloading data which u uploaded so so when do i put your data and heroes call isnt working. after i put the obb data in the obb folder i start and it takes me to the logo and then the title then it goes back to the logo and closes. i think the issue is that the apk which u have converted is thd which is tegra so maybe try converting a normal hero's call for all phones

  7. the game stuck on loading screen, would you fix it please? ^_^

  8. SD Files links not working.tried many times!!!

  9. Dont download, just stuck with loading screen with a rotating shield